Dr. Harold Bryce

A man in his mid 30's standing 5'10 with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Usually seen with a lab coat over his suit and an uneasy look in his eyes.


Harold Bryce was always a little off. As a child he had trouble expressing emotions and showed little signs of emotional ties with others. In High School an incident caused him to lock himself away for almost a year until he discovered his fascination with medicine.

A self-imposed loner, Harold did most of his college course work online until he was ready for medical school. After achieving his PhD. and then residence he Our Lady of Hope hospital in Chicago.

Harold worked there for four years before an incident with Caleb Dean, a convicted rapist. Dean required immediate attention after being in a bar fight. Harold began to treat him but Dean died before he could be taken to surgery.

Harold was brought up on charges by the medical board but little could be proven. After a long legal battle though Harold was still fired from his position at Our Lady of Hope and found himself unable to get a job at other local hospitals. He was now faced with the financial debt of his trials and found it hard to find work with his name tarnished, even after moving several times.

Finally he wound up at Vigilance prison as the head of the infirmary where his childhood fears have returned, but he has little choice.

Dr. Harold Bryce

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